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" Many couples request the performance of a ritual during their to ceremony as a way of assisting them to move forward in their new lives. This may represent the blending of two families, children from other relationships, closure for a bereavement in a past relationship or even allowing a member to cast out sad memories. Should you like a ritual added to your ceremony this can be accommodated and examples could include:

Blending of water - different shades of a colour mixed by members of the party to one shade

Blending of sands - Different sands poured as one by members of the party into a container where they are blended as one

Lighting of candles from a large main candle by members of the party to signify passing on of family

Casting of stones - coloured stones that represent sadness and unwanted memories of the members of the party that are then cast into a river or the sea never to surface again and representing the casting of the memories and allowing the couple to move forward to their new life

Blessing of rings - the wedding rings are passed through members of the immediate families for quiet blessing and wishes during the vows      


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