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Please check out the website and feel free to contact me with any questions concerning ceremonies for marriages, a naming, a commitment ceremony, re-affirmations or funerals.




  - Ceremonies

Thankyou for visiting my site, I offer a variety of ceremonies to celebrate Weddings, Namings, Commitment Ceremonies, Renewal of Vows, Funerals and Memorial Services and for each type of occasion there are many options and choices for each types of ceremony. My role is to work with you to design the perfect ceremony and then assist in producing a stress free, enjoyable and memorable ceremony.

Naming Ceremony

The Baby-Naming’ Ceremony is an expression of Joy, Hope and acceptance as well as your official announcement of the chosen names and formal welcome to the new addition to the family OR a young child, step-child/children in an extended family, adoptee or a foster child.

You are welcome to include adult supporters that you have chosen to assist your child through life. This is a time for all to quietly examine our duty over the coming years, and assist your child by developing a broad view of life and encourage them to portray the virtues that we all cherish - integrity, honesty, compassion, fairness and love towards their fellow human beings".

Commitment Ceremony

This ceremony service can be as personal and customized as you wish, and will assist you to to celebrate life as a couple.  Not only does the ceremony bestow all the excitement of a marriage, it also allows couples and their family and friends to rejoice at their courage and integrity to live life to reflect their joint values.

Reaffirmation of Marriage Vows

Couples who are already married are not able to go through a further legal ceremony of marriage, however,  through a re-affirmation of marriage vows ceremony, they can re-affirm their original marriage vows, promises and ongoing commitment to each other.  


To assist you in planning your ceremony, a large selection of wording, vows, verse and prose is available, and I can support you in designing all aspects of your ceremony. Family and friends are also welcome to participate or contribute with verse or music. (Also - " Many couples request the performance of a ritual during their to ceremony as a way of assisting them to move forward in their new lives. This may represent the blending of two families, children from other relationships, closure for a bereavement in a past relationship or even allowing a member to cast out sad memories. Should you like a ritual added to your ceremony this can be accommodated - See options for these at the RITUALS page).


Funerals - My role as a Celebrant is to create a ‘celebration of life’, to develop a eulogy that is an accurate and authentic representation of the person who has passed on, paying tribute to their joys, sorrows, qualities, relationships and achievements; big or small.   A ceremony based on your requests will be developed by speaking to members of the bereaved family, and nominated relatives, relatives and work colleagues. Your thoughts often so hard to be spoken at this time, can be shared as part of the ceremony.


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